Kits4Causes joins forces with Edge Careers – 11/11/15

We’re pleased to announce our newest partnership with Edge Careers. The Droitwich based firm are going to working with us to help spread our message of social development through football.
The footy mad office have really got into the spirit of things during the meetings we have had so far, and we’re looking forward to a long and successful relationship.
The tie in with Edge will also see the launch of a new and (hopefully!) monthly podcast from K4C and Edge Careers where we will be giving tips on how to get a career in the Sports and Charity Sectors. We’ll be looking to answer questions from our fantastic supporters along the way, so if you’d like to hear a particular topic discussed, why not get in touch with us through twitter on @kits4causes, or on facebook, We’d love to hear from you.
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K4C’s own Chris Grindley pictured alongside Lloyd Foulkes from Edge Careers.

Latest Happenings! 19/10/2015

Hello, and welcome to the Kits4Causes blog! Finally embedded in our website and to be maintained regularly! Those of you who have followed our escapades through Facebook and Twitter over the last few years know that at our output can be rather erratic at times, but we are overturning a new leaf full of digital content.

This is solely down to our newest team member here at K4C, Ashley Hogarth, our tech wizard. He has built this fantastic new website that you are visiting and will be maintaining it going forward so that we can keep you up to date with all our latest news. Trust me, there’s plenty of it coming thick and fast at the moment so keep visiting the site and check out our social media. The links can be found on this website. Anyway, on with the news!

Since day one, exactly six years ago this month, we have dreamed of working with professional football clubs to help spread our message, collect kit, and get on board with the K4C ethos. Well, it’s finally happening! On the 5th December 2015 Stoke City will be holding a Kits4Causes amnesty day at their game vs Man City. A big thank you must go to Steve Hunt from the club for leading the organisation of this day. We’ve ordered more wristbands and t-shirts, honed up our tweeting skills, and enlisted volunteers. We now can’t wait for the big day.

This has come about as a result of the initiative of Anwar and Richard at the Football Supports Federation. Together, in our new partnership, we are hoping to host similar events at clubs up and down the county over the coming months and years, so a big thank you must go to them. So there you go. I don’t think anything else can be added on top of that. Some of the biggest news in our short but enjoyable history.

What could be better to launch the new look website and blog? We’ve got to go some to top this each time. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions about what we do. or see our social media feeds.

Big thanks,
The Kits4Causes Team

Kits4Causes joins forces with Worcester City

New blog from our guest writer Will Horton, his match report and right up from the first kit amnesty day at Worcester City FC Worcester City 2-3 Histon, 26th January, 2013 It was a bitterly cold day when myself and charity leader Chris Grindley turned up to St. George’s Lane, arriving two hours before kick-off, we received lots of donated kit from the charitable Worcester City fans, so first of all on behalf of Kits4Causes I’d like to thank the fans who donated so generously.

To the game, it was Worcester who started off the brighter of the two sides, regularly putting together some great fluid passing moves, which Histon looked unable to deal with. In particular the central midfielders for Worcester were keeping the ball nicely, playing it simple, and rarely giving away the ball. Histon did have a shining light though, their number 10 Lewis Taffe was great to watch, his touches were superb and he was the one that would do something for the struggling Histon side. Would he come to haunt the home side?

Worcester came close a number of times but nothing was clear cut, the ball was failing to stick up top, and it was Histon who capitalised on this, and struck the first blow. The lively Histon right-winger shimmied down Worcester left hand side but left back Deeney jockeyed him well, the winger went to float in a cross, which hit Deeney’s arm, penalty given. It was a controversial decision, which infuriated the Worcester team and their fans, in particular the Worcester Skipper Ayres, who received a booking for his reaction. The penalty was expertly placed into the top corner by Stevenson, leaving the Worcester ‘keeper stranded, 0-1 to the away side.

Worcester were shook up a bit by going one nil down, and Histon really started to take control of the game, utilising the flanks well, both wingers were causing Deeney, and centre back turned right back Rowe. Worcester were struggling and Histon’s rejuvenation saw them score another goal. Lewis Taffe, Histon’s number 10 showed great feet to work some space for himself 20 yards from goal and struck a fantastic right foot corker into the same top corner, 0-2.

Worcester found themselves 0-2 down at half-time, unfortunate for the home side who dominated the early proceedings; Goalkeeper Thompson had little to deal with but had subsequently been beaten by a controversial penalty and a wonder goal. There was a small minority who booed the struggling home side.

Myself and Chris returned to our charity stand burgers in hand, we could barely believe Worcester were two nil down, overall they were the better side. Both teams returned to the field of play, though Symons the gigantic Worcester striker had been replaced by Taylor. Taylor looked really up for the game, as Histon kicked off Taylor pursued the ball with tenacity across the Histon back line before letting the right back know he was in for a tough time with a late challenge. Worcester looked better in the opening minutes playing the football they showed in the first half.

Worcester finally broke through, and it was super-sub Michael Taylor who proved the game changer. The ball was worked well into the box by Worcester, Taylor stretched out a leg to poke the ball into the bottom corner, the crowd erupted and the game was back on. Taylor grabbed the ball gave the home fans a cheeky finger wag and carried the ball back to the halfway line. Taylor’s energy up front changed the dynamics of Worcester’s play and they looked more threatening in front of goal, a mere three minutes after Taylor opened the home sides account, Worcester struck another blow to Histon. It was Taylors striker partner Glover who scored, Worcester were bombarding the Histon box with crosses, passes, shots, you name it. Histon failed to clear the ball time after time, the ball fell to Glover who took his chance and levelled the game. The fans were jubilant and the mood had changed around St. George’s Lane.

Michael Taylor again went to grab the ball out of the net and take it to the half-way line, the Histon left back had got their first, Taylor tried to take the ball back, but the left back refused, Taylor was infuriated, he eventually gave up and went to get back into his half. Out of nowhere the left back kicked the ball out of his hands into the back of Taylor. He turned around, as what can be only be described as a Hollywood esq, slow motion, angry swivel. I was fearful for the left back.

Worcester continued to pressure Histon, who had plenty of chances to win the game in particular Breeze, the ball bounced up for him, the crowd went to volley it in with him, GOALLLL. As we all re-entered reality in unison, Breeze had missed the ball completely, it was still 2-2. Worcester’s failure to win the game meant Histon could still win the game, and they did, it was a brilliant curling shot into the top corner from left winger Waters in 85th minute of the game that sealed the game for the away side. The only goal that myself and Chris did not see up close on the day.

Worcester had succumbed to a 2-3 home loss to struggling Histon and this meant Grindley’s presence had yet again meant Worcester had failed to win. Kits4Causes will be returning to St. George’s Lane next week for their home game against Vauxhall Motors. Chris Grindley’s Sunday League side Pillar of Salt Korono will embark on an 18 mile charity walk from Malvern to Droitwich via St. George’s Lane where they will hold a bucket collection for the charity. We hope for a great response again from the brilliant Worcester fans, and hope that they can follow up on their win away to Droylsdon and get a win against Vauxhall. Maybe Chris will be so kind to bypass St. George’s Lane.

Journey of a shirt

Welcome to a new feature at Kits4Causes, The Journey of a Shirt.

Here at Kits4Causes we would like to show you the amazing journey that something as ordinary as a football shirt can go on. From being used by a team in England to being sent around the world and usede by another team. We’re planning to show you the different steps of that our shirts go through, from your donation to it becoming someone elses prize possession.

So let us introduce our shirts for the journey. Pillar of Salt Korono are a Sunday League football team based in Droitwich Spa, just about to begin their first season in the Worcester and District League. They have kindly agreed to donate their away kit at the end of the season as well as have the interesting twists and turns of their kit documented along the way.

First port of call for these shirts (white) was Amsterdam. Seen here playing against local Utrecht side FC De Bilt.

As well as kindly donating the shirt off their back, Korono are going to be fundraising for Kits4Causes throughout the year. With a charity football tournamnet at the end of August as well a calendar and a walk being in the planning stages.

Here at Kits4Causes we would like to thank Pillar of Salt Korono for their kind generosity and enthusism, and we will keep you updated on their progress throughout the season.

If you would like to get involved with the ‘Journey of a Shirt’ initiative, they why not make a donation today and give us your email address.

More than just a shirt

I was cold, I was alone, and all that was ahead of me was a massive uphill struggle before I could see sunlight again. I was trapped. But why you ask? I am packing football kit in the Kits4Causes storage facility to be sent out to an organisation overseas to help with their project.

Hours on end are spent tightly packing football kit into sacks to be sent away, it can be tough on your back and knees. Why put yourself through this? The answer is simple. Results! When you receive the photos and the videos back from the charities you have helped, and you see those happy faces, smiling because of what you did, you smile too. You, as a donator, do not have to spend a lot in terms of time or money to share in these moments. All it takes is one shirt!

We do not request payment from the charities for the shirts; instead we take our fees in terms of pictures and videos which go on our website and help spread our message. This means that you can send your shirt to us and a few months later see a picture of a child halfway round the world wearing it. What was previously lying, unused, in the bottom of a draw can become somebody else’s prize possession. That is what is so important to remember when thinking about supporting Kits4Causes, by donating a piece of kit you are actually helping another person, whether it be to get back into school or to get tested for HIV, you are helping. It might sound daft but you may be helping to shape the lives of the person in your shirt. You never forget your first shirt, and always hold a soft spot for that team. This could be a great opportunity for you to help broaden your team’s international following, or perhaps become the star you never got the chance to be. It always makes me laugh thinking about kids in a far away land arguing over who gets to wear the ‘Grindley’ shirt for their kick around. So whether it is helping to broaden education, encourage better health or just provide a bit of fun, please donate your old kit.

Because you must always remember, it is more than just a shirt.

Chris Grindley

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