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Kits4Causes: Kits4Causes is a charity based in the United Kingdom that collects unwanted football equipment and distributes it to social development projects around the world. Football is the world’s game and we’re trying our best to support those trying to use it as a vehicle for social change. In the UK we’re incredibly privileged to be able to enjoy football as a pastime, but for many people living in some of the world’s poorest communities it offers something much more important, hope.

Please help us to support their dreams, an old shirt that you no longer wear can become a child’s prized possession being worn during every waking hour. Doesn’t that seem a much better use than just being forgotten in your wardrobe?

So please get in touch to support us, info@kits4causes.org, or explore this website for more pictures of our work and information on the amazing people and organisations that we’ve had the privilege to support.

We are incredibly grateful to all the friends and family that have supported, be it fundraising, kit packing, or any number of charitable activities, as well as all of our supporters down the years who continue to donate football kit and spread our message every week. Without them, none of this would have been achieved.

Thank you,
The Kits4Causes Team

The Team


Co-Runner, Front-Line Emailer, Video Blog Presenter, Driver, and crucially, High-Up Box Reacher, Chris has been involved with the charity since it was based out of the University of Sheffield, organising two overseas coaching trips, Zimbabwe in 2012, and Jamaica in 2014, as well as an ever increasing volume of kit donations to charities around the world.


Co-Runner, Head Kit Distributor, Social Media Guru, Top-Draw Blogger, and most importantly, Sock God, Brad has been a staple to K4C supports for a number of years now. His boundless enthusiasm, keen work ethic, and ever growing list of ideas have been one of the driving forces behind the charity since 2012.


K4C in-house IT Wizard (Specialist), simply put Ash has been responsible for building us our brand new website and its maintenance going forward. His technical expertise have given K4C a stunning online presence from which to go forward. Ashley is also the newest member to the K4C team and we’d like to extend our great thanks for all of his hard work.

Our History

October 2009

Afrikit was established by 5 second year University of Sheffield students. Andrew Trott, Jack Hands, Terry Denness, Elliot Bryan and Rob Preston. Aim was to collect and send 2018 football shirts to Africa to represent the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa and England’s bid for the 2018 football World Cup.

January 2010

Teamed up with Decathlon Sheffield to provide a football kit donation point.

March 2010

Sent first set of donated kits out to Kenya.

June 2010

Created the Afrikit website.

July 2010

Hit our target and distributed over 2010 football kits and equipment to countries in Africa.

November 2010

Expanded our donation stations to include Decathlon Lakeside, Stockport, Giltbrook and Wednesbury.

February 2011

Afrikit on SkySports News, BBC World Service and in the Sunday Mirror due to huge volume of Torres and Carroll kits received thanks to their transfers.

March 2011

Our first independent trip to distribute kits – West Pokot, Kenya.

May 2011

The team and supporters ran the Sheffield Half Marathon raising over £2000.

September 2011

Created a new team in Sheffield with Chris Grindley, Stu Hill, Dan Merriman, Alex Griffeths and Dan Peacock.

November 2011

Created the Kits4Causes project.

December 2011

Distributed over 10,000 football kits and equipment to over 10 countries.

January 2012

Bath City FC, and UEFA.

February 2012

Rebranded Afrikit to Kits4Causes. Started supporting organisations all over the world, including organisations in the UK, rather than just Africa.

March 2012

Have a stand at the Kit It Out Conference in London

July 2012

Teamed up with Linden Homes for a nation-wide kit amnesty

July 2012

Begin partnership with Safestore

December 2012

Second independent trip to donate football equipment. This time to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

January 2013

Amnesty with Worcester City.

February 2013

Rebranded Afrikit to Kits4Causes. Started supporting organisations all over the world, including organisations in the UK, rather than just Africa.

February 2013

17,000 shirts sent out

March 2013

Massive donation from KitKing

April 2013

Carlisle News & Star Amnesty

May 2013

Massive kit donation from Stoke City

May 2013

18,000 shirts sent, 20 countries reached

May 2013

Participate in first IPay2Play event at Wembley

May 2013

Massive donation from Castrol

June 2013

Worked with the Aruna Kone Foundation

June 2013

19,000 shirts sent

June 2013

19,000 shirts sent

June 2013

1000 twitter followers

June 2013

Kits4Causes wristbands arrive.

July 2013

Personal donation from Dean Kiely

July 2013

20,0000 shirts sent

October 2013

21,000 shirts sent

February 2014

Kitted out the Chagos Islands, our first international side

May 2014

28,000 football shirts sent

May 2014

Kit donation to Pohnpei, Micronesia, our 6th continent reached

June 2014

Our second event with Play & Dream at Wembley.

June 2014

Official charity partner of ITV’s Fever Pitch project in Manchester

June 2014

Third independent trip, this time to Jamaica, 11 coaches and 400 kits

July 2014

29,000 shirts sent

August 2014

30,000 shirts sent

September 2014

Second donation from Stoke City FC

September 2014

Amnesty at the Labour Party National Conference organised by Jim Murphy MP

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